Flooding in the greater Euskirchen area

Customer information due to a severe storm led to considerable flooding in the greater Euskirchen area

Dear business partners,

In our email of July 16, 2021 we informed you about the severe storm in the Euskirchen area and its consequences.

As announced, we would like to inform you of the current status after 14 days.

In the meantime, the infrastructure in the region has been poorly restored. Fortunately, none of our employees suffered any damage to their health. But many were hit immediately – 4 families lost all their belongings. Experts are now in the process of deciding whether houses can be inhabited again or whether they have to be demolished due to the high level of pollutants. You can certainly imagine that most of our employees are correspondingly traumatized by what happened.

For reasons of sustainability, we decided a long time ago to take suppliers out of the area if possible. This sometimes leads to delays in delivery, which in turn lead to delays in production.

We currently have about 75% of our shifts occupied. We assume that it will probably take another 2-3 weeks before we can manned all of the shifts we need.

We endeavor to deliver all orders on time, but postponements and delays may occur due to the above reasons, for which we ask for your understanding.

Severe flooding in the Euskirchen area due to a severe storm

Dear business partners,

As you can read in the media, there has been considerable flooding in the greater Euskirchen area due to a severe storm, so that places are inaccessible and electricity, water, telephone, internet and mobile phone networks are largely down and roads were/are impassable.

The good news is that so far none of our employees have suffered any physical injuries and our plant has also escaped lightly, i.e. neither the paper machine nor our processing facilities were damaged by the floods. In the area of base paper and finished goods, there was only isolated damage caused by water. As we have our own power line due to the high energy demand, the energy supply is secured.

Since many of our employees come from the Eifel region, which has been severely affected by the natural disaster, we are currently deciding at the beginning of each shift which processing plants we can staff.

Due to this, but also due to the road conditions, there may be delays in delivery, for which we ask for your understanding already today.

Our Customer Service is also only available in a skeleton crew. In many places there has been no electricity or internet/telephone for 2 days. We therefore ask for your understanding if it is difficult for you to reach us, or if there is a delay in our response.

We will keep you informed about the developments and remain with kind regards.

Your keeeper tableware Team

Launch of the new FASANA AFH homepage!

Launch of the new FASANA AFH homepage!

With the launch of the www.fasana.com, FASASNA is entering a new digital age.

In addition to the new product categories FASANA Profi Line, FASANA Superior Line and FASANA Bio Line,
focus on our new brand identity.

… because we live an authentic and transparent approach on all sides.

… because we have over 100 years of experience in all production steps for the finished napkin under one roof.

… because our actions focus on people and the environment.

… because we look ahead without forgetting our roots.

We hope you enjoy visiting the www.fasana.com

Factory outlet

keeeper keeps its word!
We are here for you again!

On November 02, 2020 we will open our keeeper tableware factory outlet for you.

Are you in the mood for a nicely laid table? Find your decorative solution for every occasion from a wide selection of FASANA napkins.

Do you need support in the household? Our clever plastic products are for those who love order and their home.

Not in the mood for panic shopping? Choose from our changing range of kitchen rolls and dry and moist toilet paper.

Come and visit us:
Mondays and Thursdays between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

keeeper tableware GmbH
adolf-halstrick-strasse 16
53881 euskirchen – stotzheim
Phone.: 02251-812-0

Training at keeeper tableware

Training at keeeper tableware

keep on learning

A broad spectrum of development opportunities is offered in the training occupation of industrial mechanic. From the very beginning, you’ll learn the trade under the most modern technical conditions and can quickly apply what you have learned in practice. At keeeper tableware, teamwork is the focus and is lived across departments.

keep on working

Robin Carl completed the industrial mechanic examination with reduced apprenticeship time with the overall grade “1 – very good”, thus setting a major milestone for his professional career.

We are very proud of this training achievement and are particularly pleased that Robin will continue to support our keeeper tableware team in the future.

keeeper tableware factory outlet

Factory outlet

keeep on buying – we will be there for you soon!

Our factory outlet opens for you in October! Choose from a wide range of products for a beautiful table setting. Besides our keeeper tableware products we also offer our practical keeeper household helpers.

Our factory outlet is open Mondays and Thursdays from 1pm until 4pm.

keeeper tableware GmbH
Factory outlet
Adolf-Halstrick-Straße 16
53881 Euskirchen – Stotzheim

Tel.: 02251-812-0

Energy and environment at keeeper tableware

Energy and environment

keeep on saving – we save energy and protect the environment

With our energy saving projects we set standards and protect the environment. In the course of the year, various structural and technical measures were carried out on our buildings and machinery, which helped us to reduce our water and energy consumption.

We strive to make our contribution to a positive ecological balance and contribute to this with our continuous improvements.

New grass napkins made of natural fibres

New grass napkins made of natural fibres

The grass napkin is made of natural grass fibres. It has a natural colouring with visible grass elements and is available in the format 33 x 33 cm consisting of two high-quality grass tissue layers of 22.5 g/m² each. We recommend printing up to 20 % colour application to preserve the natural look. With our grass napkin we offer a currently unique sustainable solution for the napkin market.

New solutions for retail

We offer new solutions for retail

keeep on growing

Our printed napkins with a focus on the buying impulse offer retailers an environmentally conscious solution. The product consists of 2 high-quality layers that maintain the usual quality parameters. The properties per layer have been improved by increasing the pulp content. As a result, the opacity and luminosity of the colours as well as the depth of the printing are increased.

In the production of the base paper we achieve a higher output with the same energy input and protect our environment with the product.

Did we attract your interest? We are at your disposal for further advice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mutares investment keeeper successfully completes acquisition

Mutares investment keeeper successfully completes acquisition and grows into a group with EUR 100 million sales

  • Strategic acquisition for the expansion of the product portfolio of the keeeper Group completed
  • The new product segment is intended to facilitate sales synergies and create attractive added value for customers
  • Growth of the keeeper Group to more than EUR 100 million annualized revenues

Munich/Stemwede, March 2, 2020 – keeeper Group, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of innovative and high-quality household products and a portfolio company of Mutares SE & Co. KGaA (ISIN: DE000A2NB650), has successfully completed the acquisition of the German paper napkin business from the Finnish Metsä Tissue Corporation.

The keeeper Group is one of the leading manufacturers of household products in Europe and produces innovative product lines for customers in the do-it-yourself, wholesale, food and furniture industries at two sites in Germany and Poland. The now completed acquisition of Metsä Tissue’s German business at its Stotzheim site attractively expands the Group’s product portfolio to include the new product segment of high-quality paper napkins, thus offering significant added value for customers. Stotzheim is a state-of-the-art paper mill and is the market leader in Germany in the private label segment and second largest manufacturer of coloured and printed napkins.

Based on the buy-and-build approach of Mutares Group, this acquisition is a meaningful addition to keeeper’s product portfolio and should enable keeeper to effectively exploit valuable potential from sales synergies and marketing. The future subsidiary with the new product segment will operate under the name of keeeper tableware with immediate effect and thus benefit from synergies with the established and German Brand Award winning keeeper brand. After the completed acquisition, keeeper Group now aims at an annualized turnover of more than EUR 100 million and presents itself as a promising growth story in Mutares portfolio.

“The closing of this add-on transaction, following the successful completion of the acquisition of Primotecs, the former Italian business of the Tekfor Group, the acquisition of Loterios by our subsidiary Balcke-Dürr and the acquisition of Nexive with more than EUR 200 million in revenues as new platform investment, once again demonstrates our speed in implementing our ambitious growth strategy. With realizing a valuable addition of a new product segment, we were also able to support the keeeper Group in its exponential and rapid development,” says Johannes Laumann, CIO of Mutares.

Company profile of keeeper Group

The keeeper group has been part of the Mutares Group since June 2019 and is one of the largest European brand and quality suppliers of innovative plastic and paper household products. With its five clearly positioned product lines, the group serves well-known customers in around 35 countries worldwide in the DIY, food retail, wholesale and furniture retail sectors and sells its products as customers’ own brands as well as under the keeeper brand, which won the German Brand Award. At the beginning of 2020, the keeeper Group acquired Metsä Tissue’s German business for high-quality paper napkins, thereby strategically expanding its product portfolio. Following this acquisition, keeeper Group expects annualized revenues of more than EUR 100 million and employs around 700 people at three sites in Germany and Poland.

2 March 2020

Source: Mutares News